Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends don't let friends vote Republican this year.

If you're a fiscal conservative, great. If you think private enterprise is the most efficient way to get something done, great. If you think part of keeping the US strong is investing in the military, great. We can have these discussions, and more, later on. But you don't want to vote for these guys. They'll take your ideals and debase them with
 racism, sexism, and jingoism. Worst of all, even those sentiments are just being used to make money for banking and business interests. You know this. So do I. But you can fight this. Find a place for your own conservatism. Claim the term, own it, the way our community did with queer. Go grassroots. Fight. Build coalitions, publish zines. Make your beliefs matter. We need dissent and argument, but between well-informed and vested members of the community. You have four years until the next cycle. And you know, in your heart of hearts, President Obama will not make us a Communist state or sell it to the Muslims. The country will be waiting in 2016. Clean your party or start a new one. Organize! Find your voice and strength. We can argue and debate then. And may the best visions for the country help all of us.