Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Travel Stuff!

Always remember that nowhere is somewhere to somebody.

Grand Junction, CO is really a grand junction. Vail, CO is really stinking effing rich and a good place to go if you are an over 50 matriarch who wants to wear her fur undisturbed. The outskirts of the country seem to follow this coast-to-coast pattern: devastated, dilapidated, quirky, isolated, quirky, dilapidated, devastated. The big, sleepy dude at LC's BBQ sitting there like he's doing nothing but glancing at the paper and talking to folks is sitting there because he's the owner. 

When traveling the country, wear your tight pants first because in a few days you won't be able to fit them.

In some small towns, anywhere from Ohio to Colorado, the Main Street completely fills with GMC trucks. In the Asian market lots, though, it's still Honda Honda Toyota Toyota. On less-traveled roads, you can go all day and not see a McDonalds. Provel cheese in St Louis is great for people with long hair. Wyatt Earp makes a great statue, as do various sorts of cow, bull, deer, bear, bighorn sheep, and union soldier. Snow off the Rockies is beautiful. MP3 players and downloaded songs on roadtrips are nice, but turning them off is nice too.


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